Monday, June 22, 2015

VSF Walker - sequins of events

I haven't done much to the walker project lately. Eye-strain meant I needed new glasses, which are bifocal and take some getting used to. I did manage to set up the casemate under the hull and a weapons mounting. The photo shows the underside of the casemate. I reasoned that the walker would need some form of close-in defense should an enemy get past the other armament, so I adopted the medieval idea of murder holes. These are basically holes in the ceiling of gateways through which assorted forms of nastiness could be dropped on any attackers below. In this case seven sequins raided from my wife's sewing tin made handy murder-holes in the bottom of the casemate, enabling the crew to drop spikes, grenades, poison gas or whatever else they like upon unwanted visitors.

The hull itself got a mounting for a main weapon. I did toy with the idea of using magnetic strip to fix interchangeable weaponry here, but in the end decided a slotted mounting of some kind would work better.

In this case it's a short barreled mortar any WW2 German Brummbar would be pleased with. It drops into position and can be switched out quickly, depending on need. The hull will get rivets and seams, as well as viewing ports. These and some kind of smokestack/ boiler arrangement will come next. After that it should be ready to paint.


tradgardmastare said...

The walker has leapt forward in leaps and bounds so to speak. It is looking great.

A J said...

Thanks, Alan!

For the sake of completeness I should mention the green casemate is part of a dental-floss dispenser. ;)


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