Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VSF walker - got those happy feet

The VSF walker's legs are more or less done. Here they are in a dry-run fitting. The beastie does look like a chicken at the moment, but once the weaponry and fittings are in place it should look a lot more militant.

The legs are more or less complete. I'm undecided whether to fit any more bits and pieces to them, like hoses and cables and such. There's a risk it'll look too cluttered. I have a section of plastic dental-floss casing which will go on the underside of the hull to form a casemate. The next step will be to decide on weaponry. I'm inclined to try something with thin magnetic sheet fixed to the hull front which should allow me to swap-out weaponry as required. Rare earth magnets will be better, but cost more. After that I'll fit the smokestack to the rear and give the hull a good riveting.

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