Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winding up the break

We're in the final week of our stay in England. It has been like a roller coaster sometimes, and not entirely the stress-reliever I hoped it would be after the troubles of last year. Still, there is a glimmer of hope on the employment front. I'll say no more for now, through fear of scaring it off or jinxing it! 

Wargames-wise, I've managed to visit my old club at New Buckenham these last few months. The latest occasion was an all-day game last Saturday which saw a re-fight of the AWI/ Revolutionary War Battle of Guilford Courthouse. It was a good turn out of players. I took one of the British commands, my wife one of the Patriots (being American, she could do no less!). We fought on through the day and achieved a victory for Britain at less cost to British and American forces than our historical counterparts. Pictures to follow when I've downloaded them. 

The previous week we fought out a test ACW action to try the Rally Round the Flag adaptations one of our number worked up. Here's a picture of some of his superbly-painted and based 28mm Union troops advancing through the trees to contact. 
Of course, now we're heading back, we need to figure out what to pack. I have an unearthly amount of wargaming stuff I'd like to transfer to the States, but a finite amount of baggage space to use. The airlines have made it more prohibitive to take even a moderate amount of extra luggage these days, and it can be quite expensive too.

Prime candidates are my Darkest Africa collection, including a platoon of Belgian Force Publique, three waifs and strays belonging to the Barsetshire Regt., along with civilians and natives. Other items will have to be fitted in where possible, or even mailed, with all the risk that entails. Decisions, decisions...

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