Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday club night.

My family and I went to our club for the regular Friday night gaming. This particular evening was spent getting to grips with the ACW Rally Round the Flag rules. I last played these four years ago, but never had a chance to actually run them as umpire. We did get some nice photos, including this one of the 2nd South Carolina wading through a wheat field. 
Over on the other table a WW2 North African encounter was fought between a mixed German-Italian force vs. British, using some superb desert terrain.
The British deploy. In the distance, Valentine tanks move out against Italian M13 and Semovente SPGs.
* * *
I plan to put my 1st edition copy of The Seleucid Army 168-145BC Vol. 1 up for sale soon. This is an excellent reference work, full of history, clear organization charts and the late Angus McBride's superb illustrations throughout. If anyone would like to buy this from me directly, please drop me a line.
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Thanks to Jeff, I have an idea how to paint the early ACW figures I unearthed a few days ago. His suggestion of German colonial/WW1 era colours is a good one. I've decided on a name for them - The Ukraziland Provisional Volunteer Constabulary (UPVC). A lot of gamers in the UK will be familiar with the term "Plastic Plods..." These could be their ancestors.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Glad that my suggestion was of use to you.

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