Friday, February 1, 2013

Possible recruits to Daftest Africa

We're off to the club tonight. My ACW brigades will get an airing after languishing for almost four years. We're planning to fight the action to Rally Round the Flag rules, a club favourite. 

Among the figures uncovered in my perpetual hunt through my work shed were these Dixon Miniatures early ACW-period figures in Havelock caps, armed with percussion cap rifles.

The Havelock always puts me in mind of Africa, what with its associations with the French Foreign Legion and various explorer types. These chaps are really surplus to requirements as far as my  ACW collection goes. I've a mind to re-purpose them as a kind of constabulary or foot yeomanry along the lines of the Cape forces that served in the Zulu War. Thoughts and comments about what kind of uniform colours they should have are welcome...

...but spammers, don't waste your time. This blog is moderated. The twelve (count 'em) messages left yesterday were deleted unread.


Bluebear Jeff said...

AJ, I've always been kind of fond of the German African uniform colors.

Here is a link to give you a bunch of images which might inspire you:

-- Jeff

A J said...

Thanks for the link, Jeff. Useful stuff on this site. I think I'll opt for a variant of the Infantry's Mesopotamia uniform, perhaps with a light blue Havelock and darker blue trousers. Their name shall be the Ukraziland Provisional Volunteer Constabulary (UPVC).


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