Friday, July 20, 2012


I think more often than not, after buying figures and models in a new scale, we gamers only realize we need matching scenery too. Since starting A Very British Civil War in 10mm, I've turned my hand to making some typical British hedgerows for the period. 

I've put a batch up for sale on eBay, to help fund my addiction hobby. Click here for details.

  A platoon from the Norwich Socialist Militia on the march to spread 
Socialism throughout East Anglia. SCW figures by Pendraken Miniatures.

The tarmac road surface is cut from old roofing shingles. They're easy to cut, durable, and flexible enough to follow the contours of the table where needed. Of course, in the 1930's many roads throughout the UK lacked metaled surfaces, so I might paint some to represent the ordinary dirt farm-track style with the central strip of grass. I plan on making enough for three or four roads, which should be sufficient for my gaming table. 

One of the beauties of this scale is, a lot can be fitted into a relatively small area. As an example of what can be done, check out the wonderful dioramas by Portuguese modelers Carlos Briz and Mário Laranja. 


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