Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mini-Campaign aftermath

And so the Raid on the Tembe campaign comes to a close. The last vestige of Sheik Yabhouti's hold on the region has been erased, leaving the British in control - after a fashion. 
It proved a hard little expedition in many ways, especially the actions following the relief of Willoughby Pond's trading post. The Barsetshires lost five men dead, and others badly wounded. 2nd Section received the worst of it, and will need to be reconstituted and retrained. 

Private Hare did not do anything to exonerate his previous blemished record; indeed he retired in the face of the enemy with the rest of the section to which he was attached. As a result he has been packed off on the troopship home. Once he reaches the depot in Barchester, he'll be formally Discharged from Service.

As for the Ukraziland Rifles, their heavy losses have caused something of a crisis. Recruitment has dropped off, due to the natives' belief the British are merely using them as cannon-fodder, and it's unlikely they will field a full platoon in the near future. This leaves something of a shortage of manpower, with commensurate difficulties in holding the newly-acquired territory.  

And what of the tembe itself, that took so many lives, and much time and treasure to seize? As a fortified structure, it can't be left to whoever can claim it. Two solutions offer themselves. The British could destroy it and withdraw. A garrison could be left to hold it as an outpost, but this will draw on very limited manpower. If it is held, perhaps it could be used as the nucleus of a settlement inhabited by friendly natives. Equally, it could prove a magnet for all the hostile forces in the region. Decisions, decisions...

And so I place the decision in the hands of the readers of this blog. I've set up a new poll, with three questions. What shall be done with the tembe? Destroy it, Garrison it, or Other. If you vote Other, please leave a comment stating what other option you'd favor. 

* * *
Now for a word about the rules. Once again Sharp Practice proves itself a versatile set of rules for solo Colonial play, with a few adaptations. My only problems really stem from my limited playing area. Like most (all?) gamers I'd really like a larger, permanent table that can be set up and left, allowing room for maneuver and time to game. One of these days...


Chris Stoesen said...

I say garrison it and give us more adventures. This has been fun to follow.

A J said...

Thanks, Chris! One vote for keeping it there. =)

Anonymous said...

Give it to the Urazi as a gesture of good faith. It would allow for some interesting scenarios in the future.


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