Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tembe 3

The next and final major construction for this model is the roof. As mentioned earlier I decided to make it a pitched roof, and to do this I glued vertical 1/2 inch strips of foamcore waste onto the platform I made earlier, running each strip down the center of the platform. Once these were set I cut thin card to rough shapes that fit the pitch and corners and glued these onto the platform, as shown below.

I covered the whole with paper, gluing this into place with diluted PVA then added a layer of spackle and PVA mixed with chopped up paper to give a rough thatch effect. Once this dried I painted it with Craft Smart acrylics to give a base coat, to which I'll add highlights and shading.

The next step will be to spackle the walls. As seen by the white patches in the first photo I've already spread a thin layer of spackle on parts of the walls and scoured them with a brick effect to resemble areas where the stucco has fallen - or been shot away - over the years. More soon.

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