Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharp Practice thoughts - 1

I'm getting close to the time when I can actually run a game to try out the Too Fat Lardies' Sharp Practice rules in a homespun Colonial variant. After looking through the rules I've come up with a few ideas for bonus cards and effects to help or tax the players in Daftest Africa. Some of the effects listed below are the same as in the main rules but with a suitably Colonial flavor.


Bhisti-wallah! Supplies water for drinking, cleaning fouled barrels, washing off unpleasant things and putting out fires. # in deck = 3

Stand fast! A Big Man may rally 1D6 shock points from a Group/Formation. # in deck = 3

Ammunition. Replenishes stocks of ammo. # in deck = 3

Fouled ammunition. The cartridges or powder are contaminated in some way. Lose 1D6 from fire effect until replenished. # in deck = 1

Forced march. Any Colonial or Colonial-trained Group or Formation on a road, track or trail may take an additional move in column or on a blind. # in deck = 2

Local knowledge. A native Group may take an additional move in column or on a Blind. # in deck = 2

Breech-loader. Troops equipped with these fire again this round. # in deck = 3

Tschzeee! Natives lose 1D6 shock points. # in deck = 1

Oh blast! The layer must immediately surrender all his bonus cards but one. # in deck = 1

At the double! One Group or Formation may add one dice to its movement. This may not be played if they are attempting a formation change. # in deck = 2

Mad minute. Poor fire discipline. If the player commands troops with poor fire discipline that have not been activated in this turn one Group or Formation must fire a ragged volley at the enemy, irrespective of range. If all his troops have been activated he may discard the card.

If the player does not have any such troops he may retain the card and play it when an enemy unit with poor fire discipline fires, removing any Big Man bonus they would normally get.

Any unit firing on this card will end its turn unloaded. # in deck = 2

Ambush! Any troops uncloaking from a blind and firing or entering fisticuffs may, for this turn, count as ambushing their opponent. # in deck = 2

The heat! The flies! This counters any card with extra movement drawn by a Colonial player. # in deck = 2

Pitch black. Included for night fighting games. One Group that is not firing or illuminated may return to a Blind. # in deck = 2

National characteristics - British.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Counters the heat card. # in deck = 1

Men of Harlech. British troops defending a barrier lose 1D6 shock points. # in deck = 1

* * *
There are a few categories that I've yet to come up with an idea for. Vive l'Empereur cries out for an equivalent in Colonial gaming. Perhaps the player with the most luxuriant moustache gets a bonus move for a Big Man..?

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