Friday, January 21, 2011

On Afric's burning shore

I now have a few buildings ready for my Africa Station campaign. It only remains for me to make some walls and a gate or two, then I can assemble the necessary warlike inhabitants.

Sunrise somewhere in east Africa. The villagers rise early and begin their daily tasks as the river slips quietly by. No vessels are moored at the jetty, but who knows what the day will bring?

Fatima, Mahmoud the merchant's wife looks down on the tiny village square as her neighbours go about their business. A bearer has already collected a bundle of goods from her husband's go-down by the river and is heading for the house. Crime must be almost non-existent here judging by the goods left by the door. The tiny mosque is open but no one seems to be home. Perhaps the mullah has been called away - is there trouble brewing?


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