Friday, January 28, 2011

A large Middle Eastern building

On to a bigger Middle Eastern style building than my normal range. This one is inspired by and similar to the large building depicted in "Furt's" excellent Adventures in Lead blog (see link to the left). It could serve as a residence for the local bigwig, a mosque, or seat of government.

It measures 8" by 4' (5 1/2" including the stairway), and 5" to the top of the dome. As usual construction is foamcore and card, with spackle serving as adobe rendering. The stairs are Hirst Arts components.

I made the roof for the second storey removable using a section of corrugated cardboard laminated with a thinner sheet of card. It works, although another time I think I'll use thick poster board. The dome itself is a 2" polystyrene Christmas ornament cut in half. Access to the lower floor is gained by lifting the whole thing up and popping in the figures.

Privates Harry Balls and "Chopper" Nostrum defend the house.
Other progress: I've made a series of walls and a gatehouse for the Arab village shown earlier. When I get time I'm going to make some cards for the Sharp Practise rules I bought recently so I can try them out with an eye to converting them to Colonial-era gaming. Watch this space...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Quite a nice building, sir . . . and it will be quite useful, I'm sure.

Check out the following blog:

He has some very nice Colonial stuff . . . and if you keep looking back, he has two nice tutorial posts on super-easy Colonial buildings (Aug 2nd & 5th, 2009).

Enjoy, sir.

-- Jeff

A J said...

Thanks for the link, Jeff. Some very nice work there, and his further link to the Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society proved a goldmine too.

Furt said...

I'm flattered AJ! What a nice rendition - well done!



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