Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Six Knights of England ~ almost...

Progress (finally) on some of the remaining mounted men-at-arms from my original (30 years+ old) collection. 

They've had their dip in dark varnish. One figure fell off the peg and into the dip, leading to several minutes of hilarity... not, as I tried to retrieve the slippery little bugger. That's him on the right.

All that remains is to base them up. I have another six mounted figures like these, but they need more work to get them ready since they have broken parts which need replacing. The same applies to a batch of foot figures, both serjeants and yeomen. One crowd that shouldn't take too long is a group of six falchion men. Under the Lion Rampant rules they ought to be twelve strong, so I'll just mix them in with other foot figures and count them as upgraded rather than buy a new batch.

Hopefully I'll get them all on the table for a game before long...

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