Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Settling in

Slowly but steadily, progress is being made in the new gaming room. I managed to set up a desk so I can get back to writing, and I'm uncovering more of the floor each day. My favourite Paul Daly artwork is up on the walls. It'll be a while off before I get the gaming table set up though, but I found a batch of casters which will do nicely for the table legs.

Then there's this little lot...

The garage shelf. Two rubber snakes add a bit of menace to the scene.

The previous occupant left the garage literally piled waist-deep in stuff, all of which she declared of no further interest to her. After sorting through it, which took four days, we found a load of toys, games and stuff that soon got donated to local schools and charitable organisations. I also found what eventually amounted to a whole shelf-full of crafting materials.

The white and the nearer brown box are full of aerosol paints, most of which are white, black or pink (not much call for that colour in my repertoire, squire...), and spray adhesive. Three hot glue guns surfaced, two of which were salvageable, along with a bag of glue sticks. There's also a whole bag of craft paints, all untouched. Four LED tea lights popped up, which will eventually be turned into flame and smoke markers. I forget what's in the furthest brown box, there's been so much stuff.

I hesitate to call it all 'loot,' since it's legally ours, but that's what it feels like. Eventually, once everything's done in the house and better weather arrives, I hope to set up a work area at the back of the garage and make use of it all.

House moves are for the birds...


tradgardmastare said...

Glad to hear you are settling in.

Martin said...

Hey A.J.! Try to think of your discovered "loot" as a bit of compensation for jumping through all the hoops to make the move. Glad that you thought the caster idea worth following up on. (Mine has made my life easier on a number of occasions!)

Fitz-Badger said...

Congrats on the move and settling in! And some useful bits and bobs left by the previous owner/occupant.

Yeah, moving sucks, and yet I am contemplating doing it again within the next year or less after having just moved a year ago. But needs must as they say. I hope my next move will be the last one for a long time to come!

Carlo said...

Wonderful to see that space and the wargaming area start to be cleared and ready for action AJ.

A J said...

Thank you for your comments, gentlemen!

Yes, I think I will look at the 'loot' as just compensation for all the stress of the past few months. I also found a couple of silicone cake-crafting molds with nice seashore and flowering branch motifs which will be useful for my plaster crafting as well.

Martin, your casters idea will help a great deal in the room as it'll make best use of the space. I'll be able to draw the table away from the wall where it'll be stored when not in use - and I'll try not to let it fall victim to the 'Horizontal Surface Syndrome' where any flat surface become a shelf over time.

Fitz, you have my sympathy for your upcoming move. I hope yours goes a lot smoother than ours.

Carlo, I certainly aim to get the table into operation as soon as. :)


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