Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gunboat progress

The weather here has been hot and dry for weeks now. My gaming room isn't in the best insulated part of the house so it's also been uncomfortably hot to the extent I didn't much feel like working in it.

Even so, I have made a bit more progress on the new gunboat.

I painted the deck first, choosing an off-white colour similar to scrubbed wood. The hull is made from two layers of cardboard glued together, given a good coat of Future/Pledge polish then finished with two coats of festive green satin-finish spray paint. I then glued it in place, pinning it where necessary to keep it there until the glue dried. The paddlewheel boxes were given the same paint and are laid in place to check the fit before gluing.

Next up will be to make the posts along the sides to support the upper deck before I glue the paddle-boxes in place. Since the hull of this new boat is wider than the first, I'll make a whole new upper deck to suit instead of using the previous one.

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Michael Awdry said...

That's looking absolutely splendid A.J. great progress Sir.


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