Monday, July 18, 2016

Gunboat deckhouse

It's been a while since I last posted. Life gets in the way sometimes. I have managed to finish the lower deck-house for the gunboat.

The doors are bench backs from the Hirst Arts molds, with hinges and handles made with black Puffy Paint. I used black marker pen to make the windows with more Puffy Paint for the frames. Photos of gunboats of this era show the windows were small, often little more than slots in the walls. The lined panel represent ventilation louvers for the steam engine. Detail is sketchy on this part of the model, as most of it will be hidden by the paddle-boxes and the upper deck overhang.

The paddle-boxes will be glued in place next. I'm having trouble with the paint flaking off them, so they'll need a bit of a touch-up to get them right. I've painted the support posts for the upper deck. The holes in the deck are for the posts to fit into. More to come, time permitting.


Michael Awdry said...

Looking good A.J. but what is puffy paint; is that a brand name or a clue to its consistency?

A J said...

Thanks, Michael. Puffy Paint relates to the consistency, although I think it's also becoming a generic term for the type. It comes in a variety of colours, goes on thick and dries the same way. I have black and brass. It's useful stuff for creating things like rivets, hinges etc.

The type I use is called 'Scribbles,' made in the US.

Michael Awdry said...

Thank you for that as not aware of the product, as you say perfect for rivets and the like.

A J said...

I should also mention the bottles have very fine nozzles for minute application. Rivetting becomes a lot easier that way. Perhaps someone should tell Colonel O'Truth? ;)


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