Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Heading to the Hills - 5

I got a modicum more work done on the hills. The paint worked well, so much so I don't think it needs another coat. One problem that did arise was due to the presence of a number of shallow cuts on the top surfaces of the foam, leftovers from the manufacturing process. I thought a coat of paint would conceal these, but instead it only enhanced them. A coat of diluted glue scattered with sand fixed the problem.

On to the next stage then, creating the groundwork on the talus slope.

I used diluted Aileen's glue scattered with sand to get the effect of small stones/gravel/chippings that had fallen from the cliff faces. The larger 'stones' are coffee grounds glued in place next once the first had dried. I placed these on the lower parts of the slopes where heavier stones would roll naturally. The glue should hold the stuff in place, but I'll give it a wash of paint to seal it all down.

I'm now thinking in terms of giving the lot a good wash with a diluted darker shade of brown then picking out different earthen colours by dry-brushing. We'll see what works.


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