Sunday, January 17, 2016

River running

I was at a loose end today so I cracked on and finished the river sections.

The groundwork was done, so it only needed a coat of acrylic craft paint to blend everything in. It proved hard to keep the shade of 'water' consistent over the course of several pours of varnish, but I think once the sections are laid in place on the green base cloth it won't show.

I've also almost finished the bridge. It needs a bit more vegetation and flocking on the ground areas, but it came out okay. Thankfully the glue sticking it to the plastic had provided a good enough seal so the Envirotex didn't ooze underneath it.

The river sections may well see their first use soon. I'm hoping to get what might be the penultimate game of my Bury St. Edmunds VBCW mini-campaign in this coming week. The last game saw the nasty blighters of the BUF thrown back with severe losses of men and morale by those sterling chaps of the Anglican League. Now the League is on the offensive once more, and aiming to cut the BUF's main line of retreat back to Bury St. Edmunds...


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