Sunday, September 1, 2013

Martini-Henry Grenade launcher?

I've had a busy couple of days painting the kitchen, getting rid of the horrible 'neutral' beige color left by the house flippers. It was the same color as dishwater and just about as cheery. I know why realtors insist on such tricks to sell a house, but I don't care for 'em. In between times I'm getting ready for the Archon art show the beginning of next month, so gaming has to take a back seat for a while.


My friend Paul Daly alerted me to an interesting gadget which surfaced in the hoary atmosphere of World War One. It's a grenade launcher based on the venerable Martini-Henry rifle. Designated the Blanch-Chevallier Grenade Discharger, it trialed with the British army around 1916, although it didn't see action. Here's a photo of the beast...

...and find the full article here.

I can certainly picture it in use by the army in a VSF setting. One of these issued to each section would give an attacker pause for thought.


Bluebear Jeff said...

It would also do well in a "Pulp" setting.

What color did you end up painting your kitchen, by the way?

-- Jeff

A J said...

I think you're right, it has a pulpy look to it too.

The shade we settled for is called 'melon popsicle.' It's a variety of apricot/orange, gives a nice warmth to the kitchen, brining out the colors of the floor and cabinets.


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