Saturday, September 14, 2013

Casualties of war

My new casualty figures mold is working - sort of. 

From left to right: Two natives, British, two askaris.

The first batch came out okay - they're the white chaps at the bottom of the photo. Those on top are the next. That strange gelatinous pale yellow is down to a moment's inattention while mixing the resin. It came out with the consistency of toffee. Ho hum. It'll paint up fine once it sets.

With luck and a following wind I'll be able to play the next Darkest Africa game tomorrow or Monday. Watch this space...   


Chris Stoesen said...

Watching this one closely. I may borrow from you to make my own casualty figures.

A J said...

Thanks, Chris. I find it better to make and use figures like these than to lay out money on expensive metal for the purpose.


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