Saturday, June 1, 2013

Man Cave in the Making

Let no-one tell you moving house is easy. It isn't. We found a nice place, but it has a few eccentricities in the electric and plumbing departments. Only this afternoon I had to help mop the floor after the washing machine outlet pipe turned out to be blocked on the first wash to be done under this roof. Sigh! 

Still, I have a Man-Cave lined up...

The clutter will be dealt with eventually, once I get some shelves and a bookcase. The space allows for an 8' by 4' wargames table, although I think a 6' by 4' might work better. We'll see. Little chance of setting up a game yet - too much to do. More here as things develop! 



Millsy said...

Every man needs a cave. Congrats!

Jiminho said...

A mancave with windows - well done!

Congrats on your new place, AJ.

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen! I hope to get some gaming in before long. Too much to do getting the house to rights and then there's gardening to start in on. Busy busy busy... ;)


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