Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend whileaway

Posts have been absent this last week due to family matters. We did have a trip out this afternoon to Fort Meigs, Perrysburg, Ohio. A War of 1812 fortification built by the US army to guard the crossing of the Maumee River, it came under seige by British colonial forces twice in two years, but held out in spite of heavy artillery bombardment. The British army had few regular troops on this frontier, relying instead on Native American tribal allies and Canadian militia, both of which proved too fickle for seige warfare. Had the fort fallen, matters in Ohio might have been very different...

This weekend (20-21st August) sees the Life on the Frontier in Ohio event, with re-enactors present at Fort Meigs showing army drill, plus crafts of the period. Photos we took today will follow later. I made a beeline for the museum shop and found a neat little covered wagon of the type seen on General Pettigree's blog. Although it's "Made in China" as a pencil-sharpener, it'll certainly stand conversion to a military wagon for my Daftest African force. At $3 a piece, how can you go wrong? 

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