Monday, August 29, 2011

Third Section musters for duty

A photo of the newest recruits to the Barsetshire platoon...

...along with new figures for Lt. Pike (rear right) and Sgt. Harrington (center-right). Under the Sharp Practise rules, Bugler Bates now gives Pike the means to communicate with his command even in dispersed formation. 
* * * 
I'm making progress - albeit slow - with the gunboat. The new portholes are fitted and look good. Remaining fitting-out work consists of painting and mounting the main gun, erecting a bandstand with searchlight abaft the foremast, and crossing the yards and spars. I'll post photos when it's done, but it'll all have to wait for a week, since my wife and I have to help care for an elderly relative undergoing chemotherapy. I hope to play out the Attack on Yabhouti game sometime next month.  


Martin said...

Hey A.J.,

Say...that wouldn't happen to be Sgt. "Rex" Harrison would it? He has run up a rather large tab at the Sofar Safari Bar & Grill that Mr. "Knuckles" M'Coy would like to speak to him about before the next mission.

A J said...

Nope, that's Albert Harrison's nefarious cousin, called Rex 'cos he wrecks everything. ;)

Typo time - the good Sergeant's surname should read Harrington. My goof... =S

Martin said...

Sooo...Sgt. Harry "Hollowleg" Harrington's pulling the ol' "Run up a huge bill under a false name" scam, eh? It appears Mr. M'Coy and his even larger associate, Mr. K'tanga have their work cut out for them.

Best of luck getting the gunboat fitted out, and safe travels back and forth for your in-laws chemo treatments.


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