Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thanks to the good offices of Colonel Hud and his name generator, Baker Platoon has received replacements for the casualties suffered in their encounter with the Ukrazi tribe.

1st Section:
L. Cpl. White, George
Pvt. Hayes, Christopher
Pvt. Lewis, Jack
Pvt. O’Neill, Tobias

2nd Section
Pvt. Buckley, Edward
Pvt. Stanton, Charles

One of these days - time and funds permitting - I'll add the missing third section to the platoon. I'm toying with the idea of getting a pack of Old Glory British Zulu War figures, since these will be most compatible with my existing ones. I'm also tempted by their Dervish figures, since they look to be not too far removed in appearance from their Zanzibari brethren.

I am expecting ten Zanzibari rifle/musket armed figures bought from eBob to arrive through the mail soon. These might field as Wangwana, freed slaves who fought for their former overlords. 
As a side note, a former wargames manufacturer of my acquaintance made casualty figures cast from resin. His reasoning was there is no reason to use expensive white metal for such things. I might take the idea a step farther. By sculpting master figures of the fallen in Miliput/Sculpey, I could then create a silicon mold and cast casualties from Hydrostone plaster. I've sung the praises of this stuff before, as it gives really clear, crisp details, paints up well, and is very durable. Mounting the casualties on small bases would enhance the durability. Any thoughts? 
Edit: The links now take you to Colonel Hud's main page and the name generator.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Your casualty marker idea sounds good to me.

By the way, your link just takes folks to my blog, not the specific "Name Generator" post; but there is a link to the "British Name Generator" in the right hand column.

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Hi A.J.,

As a man of many talents, I look forward to seeing your casualty figures! I suppose if they have an odd leg or arm, or even a missing bit or two, you can always deadpan it and say, "That's what killed him."

The name generator is brilliant for cranking out rank & file, but they pale in comparison to the name of my British Colonial Governor of the Imaginary Colony of Udon'twannagothere: The (not so) Honorable Archibald Boondoggle Foppington, Lord Loveaduck! (He never met a revenue stream he didn't like.)

Your Colonial adoption of "Sharp Practice" is inspired. Keep up the good work and keep us posted on the latest adventures.

A J said...

Hi Maartin, yes, the same idea about wings and limbs crossed my mind. I'll try it when I get some free time and see what happens.

Your guy's name is wonderful! But then, some English names take a lot of beating. For instance, Featherstonehaugh is actually pronounced 'Fanshaw.' Unbelievable!


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