Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Loitering within tents

The Colonel and Commander Hardleigh-Worthit chat as the cooks prepare the evening meal.
I thought it high time my intrepid miniatures had somewhere to live while in the field, so I made some basic ridge tents. For the sake of consistency, I created a template of thin card and used it to mark out the shape of splayed-open tents on more card - in this case, cereal box card. Folding them into the classic ridge design, I glued them in place on a card base cut to slightly larger size than the footprint. Thin string runs from side to side across the apex at each end and the middle to give the impression of guy ropes. The officer's/HQ tent got a set of side walls for the necessary extra height. 

A nice thick coat of cream-colored acrylic went onto the form, with white acrylic brushed through the spaces between the guys whilst this was still wet to give the impression of depth. In all I made four basic tents and one officer's/HQ tent, enough to represent a military or expeditionary camp without taking up a lot of space on the tabletop. I might add a flagpole made from thin piano wire from which to fly the flag in a semi-permanent encampment.  


Bluebear Jeff said...

Very nicely done, AJ. A good idea well executed.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

they look good AJ - I'll have to make a few for my new "Deutsche Homage" colonials.
You must add a flagpole to fly the flag of empire, can't go skulking around like some foreigner sir!

all the best


A J said...

Thanks, Jeff.

Absolutely not, Ian! A flagpole will be added forthwith, or even thirdwith!

Martin said...

Hey A.J.,

Those tents are looking good and will have plenty of tabletop applications. The use of string was particularly inspired! Are there any plans in the works for tents that are collapsed, either being "struck" and packed up or the result of a stampede of native wildlife along the raging waters of the Ramalamadingdong River?

All The Best,


A J said...

Hi Martin, a good point. Some day I'll add a wagon or two to the British force, which will require loads, tents among them. A tip I found in a model railroad book suggests using the thin paper cut from teabags for tarpaulin and canvas. Something to look into, over a nice hot cuppa! ;)


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