Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bone Idol

Somewhere beyond the outskirts of civilization stands a dreadful idol dedicated to the great deity S'mon Co'ell, Punisher of the Untalented. Many propitiate his favors but few succeed...

I made this gruesome little piece out of an old CD and a Halloween plastic skull from a bagful of such bought from a local dollar store. The idol's head sits on several Hirst Arts blocks to give it stability and weight, with two of the Hirst wooden boards added for a sacrificial platform at the edge of the dark pool. The three grinning victims are from the Gothic accessories mold. Broken twigs and a few bits of Spanish moss add to the effect of desolation and hint at giant rib bones.
Although I intended it to serve as a centerpiece for Daftest Africa games, it would suit just about any genre, especially fantasy. Does anyone have any other ideas for its use..?

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