Sunday, September 11, 2022

Heligoland Scenario

Set up for the bombardment game. The Royal Navy intends to destroy all the gun positions located to the left of the line lighthouse-church.

This scenario requires a slightly different approach to registering hits. I'll dice as normal for the number of hits on the defences, but only Critical hits count. Due to the island's elevation the bombarding force is unable to get precise fixes on the artillery positions, so the type of Critical hit is then diced for, which will feature Turret, Emplacement, Magazine, Director/Gunnery Control, Fire, and Civilian.

Turret refers to one of the two 21cm/8.2 inch gun turrets. Dice to see 

which one is hit.

Emplacement refers to one of the eight 28 cm/11 inch howitzers. Dice 

to see which one is hit.

Magazine hits indicate a turret or emplacement is destroyed by the 

explosion. Dice to see which one is hit.

Director/Gunnery Control indicates the main fire director is hit and 

the artillery will then devolve to local control, resulting in a -1 on the hit 


Fire. Undergrowth and/or small buildings have caught light. Depending 

on the wind direction the smoke could interfere with gunnery direction, 

causing a -1 to hit.

Civilian, or Oops... Through some vagary of ballistics a stray shell has 

hit the town. 1d6 score of 1 = St. Nikolas' church. 2 = The kasern 

(barracks) 3 - 6 = Dwellings. 


All Duplicate scores have no effect. 

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