Thursday, February 27, 2020

Prinz Heinrich joins the Kaiserliche Marine

Enter SMS Prinz Heinrich...

Named for Kaiser Wilhelm II's younger brother, the ship was a one-off design rather crippled by budget constraints and the need for a multi-role vessel to get the 'biggest bang for the buck.' Armed with two 24 cm/9.4 in guns in single turrets fore and aft, she also had ten 15 cm/5.9 in and ten 8.8 cm/3.5 in single mountings, and four 45 cm/18 in torpedo tubes. She looked similar to the subesequent Roon class armoured cruisers.

Next up on the slipways are a quartet of German Gazelle class light cruisers. After that I think I'll get some models on the table and play out a trial game. At the moment I'm trying to get my head around the Battlefleet 1900 rules. It appears a section governing actual hits on the target is missing, but since the rules are similar to the stripped down Quickfire version which I already have, I can reverse-engineer them.

Thanks also for the best wishes for my wife's recovery. She's getting better now. :)


Michael Awdry said...

Lovely job A.J. I'm really enjoying these scratch builds.

A J said...

Thanks, Michael! I hope to get them on the table for some playing time this weekend.


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