Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Mass of Mahdist Matelots.

So, after a week of not being able to do very much hobby-wise, I took the opportunity this weekend to make the crew and passengers for the four feluccas I made earlier. They probably don't bear too close examination, but en-masse from a distance they look fine.

A bit out of focus - my camera is playing silly buggers - but it's enough to show the rows of figures made from Sculpy. For convenience I made them in rows of threes and fours.

A Mass of Mahdist Matelots push off from the shallows into the deeper waters of the Nile.
Follow the Nile. Deep to much deeper...* Sunrise over the Sudan sees an expedition afloat.
I glued the rows of figures onto the decks of the feluccas in a slightly random pattern, which kinda works. Although a bit fiddly the figures weren't too much of a problem to make, so I may make another batch to crew a Mahdist steamboat. The only things left to do before fighting out the next stage of the Nile campaign is to finish painting a squadron of Bengal Lancers and to make a few houses of a more urban nature for the Nile side town.

* A brownie point to whoever identifies the singer and song title the lyric comes from.


Captain Darling said...

Instant army nice!
BTW I reckon remembering my younger days my song guess is Egypt by Kate Bush, crikey I thought she was 'hot' back then...oh have I just gone too far????

Michael Awdry said...

My goodness me that's impressive, especially at this scale. They have done the job perfectly A.J.

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen!

A shiny new brownie point to you, Captain. The singer is Kate Bush, and the song is Egypt. No, you haven't gone too far, I think she's still hot.

'The advantages of Sculpey in creating instant armies - discus.' I think it works fine for this scale, which a gaming comrade of mine who's wedded to 28mm disparagingly calls 'blobs.' The scale has its own charm.


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