Monday, March 4, 2019

A Rigidly Defined Area of Doubt and Uncertainty.

Real life got in the way again, so no gaming these two weeks. I did manage to make an area of rough ground for Mahdists to lurk in ready to ambush passing Imperials...

There's someone in amongst that lot...
An old CD glued to a disc of card formed the base. Acacia trees fashioned of sisal dipped in glue then dried tea leaves made the foliage. I hot glued these in place then painted the leafy parts. The sisal I sue is roughly the same color as acacia trunks and branches so I didn't bother with those parts. The base was then covered in a layer of spackle, with patches of rougher ground made by pressing pea gravel, sand and coffee grounds into the spackle while it was still wet. A few coats of paint on the theme of brown, beige, terracotta and yellow finished it off.

I'll probably make another one or two then play the next game sometime this coming weekend.

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Michael Awdry said...

That's worked well, lovely job.


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