Friday, February 22, 2019

Just a spoonfull of Spackle

A local environmental campaign I'm involved in has kicked into high gear with a crucial ballot coming up on Tuesday, so I didn't have time to play the next Sudan game this week. I did find a bit of time to work on the city walls.

Along with the intact walls I needed to make a ruined section which has seen the attentions of enemy artillery. I made the section below the same way as the others using corrugated card for the walls and walkways. Glue-stiffened cartridge paper formed the sloping ruined areas. It's stiff enough without adding a lot of weight. A few pieces of corrugated card made chunks and slabs of fallen masonry, then I smoothed everything over with a skim of spackle.

While I had the spackle pot open I got on with rendering the rest of the walls, gatehouse and towers. The gatehouse is of a type based on the ancient Roman pattern which can still be seen in parts of the Middle East. 

I haven't made any crenelations yet, but these will follow once I work out a couple of ideas on how to make them. Once everything's done I'll get down to painting. Normally I'd use spray paint, but the weather's still fluctuating all over the place, so it'll be a craft paint and brush job.

Hopefully I'll find time to play the next game this Sunday.


Michael Awdry said...

The spackle is really helping to tie everything together, lovely job.

Captain Darling said...

When I get plastered it’s something different entirely!
Looking good and will fit the bill nicely.


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