Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Trying times

Unfortunately our house move from hell continues. After nine weeks without a home the latest attempt to buy a house has fallen through due to various long-drawn-out shenanigans on the part of certain people. My wife an I are at an impasse over what to do next. Entries on this blog will resume if/when we become settled. 

EDIT: As it happens it appears the move is back on again. A deal was reached unexpectedly at the eleventh hour (more like 11:59:59!). All being well we will finally be able to move into our new house Friday. 

My thanks to those wishing us well. More news as it comes over the next few days.


Martin said...

Dear A.J.,

I am so sorry! It's frustrating to have this happen at any time of year, but during the holidays, when you're ready to pull the trigger on the deal, is added insult! I hope you guys get settled in a place you love, sooner rather than later. I have missed reading about your wargaming experiences.

Best Of Luck,


Millsy said...

That sucks mate! Hopefully you get sorted ASAP.

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen!

Martin said...

HUZZAH! What a relief this development must be! Now remember, moving is a marathon ... not a sprint. Pace yourself.

A J said...

We will, Martin, and thanks. I remember our last house move, when we had so many boxes of stuff it took three days before I struck floor. :)


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