Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gunboat - a little more progress

Progress on the gunboat has been sporadic these past few weeks for one reason or another, but I've pressed on. So far I've added the decorative touches to the paddle-boxes. The paddle-wheel hubs are now in position ready for the paddles themselves.

I haven't yet decided whether to make the top deck removable or not. I'd prefer it to be so I can place figures along the lower deck and for ease of storage/transport. It's showing a slight but annoying tendency to warp in the odd dry summer we're having in this part of the world. Stiff wood sides should cure the warping. The gun-mount magnet is in place. I might use other magnets to hold the deck in place. 

Not much else is happening at the moment. I am being tempted by the recent flurry of Indian Mutiny articles and blog posts, and find myself looking through the Dixon Miniatures 15mm range, which looks quite nice and affordable. The scale of actions during the campaigns make the period ideal for Sharp Practice skirmish level games. We'll see if it's just another wargamer's passing fancy.


Michael Awdry said...

Any progress achieved is a win in my book.

Ogilvie VC said...

Send a gunboat!...I cant wait to see the finished product in action. One of these days I 'll have a crack at making one of these but it will be in 54mm scale so it will be a whopper.


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