Sunday, March 6, 2016

Victory Without Quarter trial run

Having a bit of spare time this afternoon, I decided to try out the Victory Without Quarter ECW rules in a solo game to see how they run with my Pendraken 10mm figures.

Because it's a try-out there's not much finesse involved here. It's a case of lining up both sides and having at it. Lacking casualty markers and such I used poker chips, blue being hits, red being casualties, and yellow appropriately enough marking shaken units. So, on with the action, where fervent Royalist Sir George Mountebank challenges Puritan General Temperance-and-Prudence Knott.

Both sides square up to each other in mirror formations

The Royalist cavalry advance, to be met with fire from the trotting Ironsides

Both regiments of infantry advance, masking their artillery. The Royalist cavalry suffer a casualty from severe pistolling

Casualties mount, the Malignants become Shaken, and the Ironsides attempt a charge...

...which connects!

Musketry from both sides. Montagu's Regiment takes more hits than their opponents but shrugs them off

Break! In a reversal of the normal pattern, the Ironsides send the Royalists packing

With the Ironsides merrily dispatching their foe, the foot of both sides come to push of pike. The Royalist general feels lucky in spite of a casualty...

...but his luck turns sour and the foot break, carrying him off with them.
On the whole I like these rules. They offer a quick and easy game without much record keeping. In this run-through I covered everything from cavalry charges and firing and melee, to infantry and artillery action. Once I get some more units, I'll move on to run a mini-campaign. The world has not heard the last of Sir George Mountebank and Temperance-and-Prudence Knott...


Fitz-Badger said...

(I love the names! Mountie and Pru...)

Michael Awdry said...

An encouraging run through.

Neil said...

Victory Without Quarter are my favorite set of English Civil War rules.


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