Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Strangler Vine

I made more progress with the Aerial Flyer these past couple of days, and a new post with photos will be up tomorrow. In the meantime I can recommend a good book...

The Strangler Vine by M J Carter is a novel set in 1837 when the East India Company was expanding into the sub-continent. I got it from our local library on Thursday and am already halfway through. It has an engaging plot featuring one Lt. William Avery, a West Country lad freshly arrived in Calcutta and still wet behind the ears. He's teamed against his will with Jeremiah Blake, a secret agent who's more secretive than most. Their mission is to trace the whereabouts of a controversial author, and the trail takes them deep into the hinterland and a brush with the notorious Thuggee cult. Recommended.

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