Saturday, October 18, 2014

Charity shop find - N scale church

Sometimes the neatest things turn up in charity shops. My wife and I were browsing the shelves in our local Goodwill store when I came across this and snapped it up.

It's titled "Cathedral in Massing." Made in Ireland, it's in solid (heavy!) resin and close enough to N-scale/10mm as makes no difference. It's missing the cross on top of the spire and the spire itself is a little bent, but on the whole it'll work fine on the table, perhaps with a bit of paint here and there. I'm thinking it's more European than British, and it might suit WW1/WW2 games set in France.
* * * *
I'm over the bout with food poisoning, and my thanks to the well-wishers. At the moment I'm working on more art stuff, but I'll be back to gaming related projects soon. 

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DeanM said...

That is a nice looking terrain piece.


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