Monday, September 8, 2014

Chaff scenery

And here we have it, the end results of my experiment with rye chaff. Some of my new trees and wood chip rocky outcrops are behind.

Local native musketeers lurk in ambush for unwary Imperial troops.

One thought crossed my mind about the crop rows on the left. With longer stalks and a little work they could be used as small-scale poplar trees such as those used alongside French highways. This would jive with my recent decision to 'do' Early War Chain of Command in 10mm, which in turn would allow me to use some BEF figures and equipment for AVBCW, and existing scenery for the latter in France and Belgium. Win-win!

All farther down the pike for now, but I'll get there one of these days...


Jiminho said...

They really do look good, AJ. It is a splendid idea.

Sigh... poplar-lined country lanes in France... I'm almost jealous of your little lead men!


A J said...

Thanks, Jiminho! Yes, the image of those long, romantic lines of trees stretching through the French countryside, casting shade across marching columns of weary men is quite evocative. I'm going to noodle with the idea I mention above in a bit, and see what transpires.


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