Sunday, August 3, 2014

A blog visit recommendation and a trading post idea

I've just had the pleasure of visiting Major Tom Foolery's blog, where he's displaying his model of the German Colonial-era African Hotel Zur Neu-Moschi, a lovely example of building kit conversion. I recommend paying his blog a visit, as it has a how-to on his work.

It's similar in a way to a building I hope to make one of these days using Hirst Arts blocks and foamcore among other materials. 
The photo is of a former British trading post located at Kuntaur, an up-river port in Gambia. This rather forlorn-looking structure has European-style architecture typical of the Colonial era. Given the ruined state it's not clear if the post had a pitched roof or not. I suspect it once did as it's located in a river valley running directly off the Atlantic, so it would experience heavy rainfall at times. In any case I'll make my version with a pitched roof.

I've no idea when I'll get around to it. I'm busy painting the house and gardening in my off-time. When we bought our house it had been painted throughout in beige, a 'neutral' shade beloved of Realtors and house-flippers, but heartily disliked by my wife and I. We're painting one room at a time, and the house looks far more like a home now. 

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