Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's been a while...

...but I'm still around. Work has kept me busy filling orders for the Christmas period and my gaming table is otherwise occupied. When things settle down nearer the holiday I'll seize the chance to game. In the meantime, check out the items in my Etsy store. I'm happy to take commissions and make custom pieces, but be aware the time for mailing Christmas packages to the UK has passed and time for US deliveries is getting tight.
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Back to gaming... I've reviewed the casualty list from the Barsetshire's deadly encounter with the G'wunda tribe. It doesn't make happy reading for Captain 'Fearless Fred' Pike.

1st section: Pvt. Rose, Henry.
2nd section: Pvt. Jones, Victor. 
3rd section: Pvt. Hooper, Henry; Pvt. Braithwaite, George.
4th section: Pvt. Clark, Henry; Pvt. Brown, William; Pvt. Nichols, Charles.

Seriously wounded:
1st section: Pvt. Wilson, Harold.
3rd section: Pvt. Finnegan, Liam; Pvt. Wilkinson, Alfred.

Private Brown died of his wounds in the night following the engagement. Three other men including Marksman Jack Lewis were lightly wounded and are able to continue after treatment. It does mean nearly a quarter of the company has been lost in action.

Captain Pike has resolved to return to the river line, but not along the original path taken on the advance as there are signs the G'wunda tribe is prowling the area in strength. An Arab walled village is located on the banks of the Ukrazi about a day's march somewhat to the south-west of the Barsetshire's zareba. It offers a good landing stage for the river steamer Lady Cynthia to dock with supplies and reinforcements. Of course, he has to convey his wounded thither and protect them all the way, which may not be easy...

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