Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keeping track

Not much happening on the gaming front, since my commission work segued seamlessly into preparations for Archon 37 this weekend. I did get the chance to go to a local railway modeling show last Saturday where I picked up a useful pack of second-hand N-scale track to go with my 10mm VBCW. 

The track at top along with two print-off paper buildings.

The lower sections of track are destined for use in my Colonial gaming. I made them from a length of HO-scale track by cutting a short section out of the middle of the sleepers/ties, gluing the two pieces back together onto thick card stock before adding ballast and track-side terrain. I then made a silicon mold from it so I have a composite of track and terrain immediately adjacent. The pieces are cast from resin. In 25/28mm they are close enough to the 1 meter narrow gauge railway popular in some British and European colonies during that era. Rolling stock will follow, once I figure out a few details.    


Chris Stoesen said...

Looking good. Can you add the Google Plus 1 button to your posts? I would love to share your posts around some more. Especially your excellent AARs.

A J said...

Thanks, Chris! The Google +1 button is indeed on my blog, just beneath the Very British Civil War banner.

Millsy said...

What an awesome idea! Keen to see what you do with rolling stock...


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