Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Table

With stormy weather around Tuesday I could ignore the gardening with a clear conscience and put my new gaming table together. It comes apart for storage and transport. The idea I had for making it capable of doing so worked out well.  

Yesterday saw a huge storm front blow through the area, with trees and branches down and heavy flooding in places. Thankfully we suffered no harm in selves or property, but we spent a lot of time yesterday and this morning clearing up the aftermath which delayed any plans I made. I hope to play an inaugural game on the new table this weekend.     


Chris Stoesen said...

Looks great. What are the dimensions?

tradgardmastare said...

Great table,enjoy the first game on it and I look forward to photos and a battle report too...

A J said...

@Chris - the table is 6 feet by four feet, and fits neatly into the space. I plan to add a two feet extension when required.

@Alan, thanks, I hope to game on it soon. =)


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