Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back to Daftest Africa

Today, I got the new brushes and paints out to slap pigment on some worthy recipients from my Darkest Africa collection. These figures have languished long enough. In the case of the wildlife - two wildebeest, three hyenas and a vulture - it's been several years since I bought them at the Salute show in London. I mislaid them, but now they're safely gathered in and undergoing a paint job. I'm lacking a few paints - most of my stuff is in the US, and the local shop was out of a decent brown - but I'm getting there.
The wildlife look a tad large for their nominal 28mm figure scale to my eyes. I'm afraid I forget which make they are. Even so, it's my campaign world, and if the creatures in it are bigger (and fiercer) than their real-life counterparts, that's for the player to worry about, not I. 

Next up is a platoon of those sons-of-fun, the Belgian Force Publique. These are Foundry Miniatures, bought as a multi-pack discount lot back in the day before that venerable company Saw the Light and became reasonable to their customers again. 
Commandant Bertram de Wooters, aboard his mule, Ludmilla, boldly leads an advance. 

These chaps will certainly make an appearance in my campaign world. Historically, the Belgian Congo was friendly to the British Empire. In my world, I think they might prove a headache to the new British colony of Ukraziland - and vice versa.

I've also uncovered around thirty or so Zanzibari slavers and two dhows, so it looks like the wily Sheikh Yabhouti will make an effort to retake his lands... 
* * *
Lastly, I'm afraid a pernicious outbreak of spamming has hit this blog in the last few weeks. There were four posts yesterday alone. In deference to those who detest the code system used to weed out the spambots - and seriously, who doesn't find those blurry numbers and spidery texts a pain to read? - I'm imposing moderation of comments until farther notice.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm glad that you've found so many new Colonial figures to paint, AJ.

And just in case it hadn't occurred to you, your Zanzibari slavers might raid the Congo too.

-- Jeff

PS, the larger wildlife are the ones the "great white hunters" seek out, right?

Fitz-Badger said...

The beasts are definitely not Foundry or North Star (2 companies I know of/have figures from, that make African animals in this scale).

A J said...

Thanks for your comments, gentlemen. Jeff, I did have a Zanzibari raid into Congo territory in mind for a scenario. I might play it out at the club. Great White Hunters will make an appearance in Ukraziland one of these weeks.

Fitz, I'm sure you're right, neither of those makers rings a bell when I look at the animal figures. I wish to heck I could remember. Oh well, it'll come out one of these days.


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