Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back in Blighty

Mercury, god of travelers was kind, and we arrived safely in the UK, beating the bad spell of winter weather by a few hours. The flights were trouble-free, even landing early in two cases. 

Much to my regret I had absolutely no room to stash any figures in my luggage to game with here, let alone any painting gear. I do have a number of figures I had to leave here in England, 25mm ACW, 6mm Ancient Romans and Germanic tribes, among others. They're currently residing in my old work shed, which has been used as something of a repository for a lot of stuff over the last few years. Tackling the clearing-out of that isn't something I'm looking forward to, but I was much cheered to find a Darkest Africa big game hunter on our bedroom window sill - like a small welcome committee! 

At the moment we're getting over the jet-lag - no fun - but I hope to toddle off to the New Buckenham club for a game or two soon. 

On another note, I've had to delete three lots of spam from the comments on this blog. Although it's irritating to some posters, I might be forced to resume the anti-spam measures if it continues. 


tradgardmastare said...

Glad you have arrived safely.I hope you soon feel reenergised and able to face the clearing out.You may well be rewardde by some interesting finds...
best wishes

A J said...

Thanks, and I hope so, Alan. There are more than a few figures lurking in the shadows of the workshed. The weather's been rather bad these last few days, which makes it difficult to clear anything out of the place, but I hope to do so before long. I might even eBay some stuff.


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