Wednesday, August 15, 2012

AVBCW Artillery

A sad and hectic few days have ended with my wife and I finding calmer times in which to return to an even keel. Getting back to the hobby is quite a relief. I took some photos of the recently-completed artillery component of my 10mm AVBCW collection last week, and have posted them below. 

These are British 18-pounder guns from Pendraken Miniatures' WW1 range. One of my favorite artillery pieces, I believe it was the gun-type used by my great uncle's battery of the Royal Field Artillery during the Great War.

The center and right pieces will fight alongside the LDV and Socialist factions. The piece on the left I painted in a Black & Tan fashion to serve the BUF faction, when I get around to building it. The solitary figure to the far right is an as yet unnamed command figure for the Socialists. 

I have more figures in the shape of cavalry and infantry in the works. More photos to come once they're painted and based.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Any action on the possible "house move" mentioned earlier, AJ?

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

Splendid 10mm figures and guns.

A J said...

TY, Alan. =)

Jeff - my wife and I want to leave St. Louis for various reasons, not least of which it's an expensive place to live. We're looking into a number of options for relocating. Quite when we'll get to move is still unknown. Hopefully we'll do so by Fall.


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