Wednesday, June 20, 2012

AVBCW - Local Defence Volunteers

And so to the stalwart defenders of home and hearth, the Local Defence Volunteers. Much like the Clubmen of a previous civil war, the LDV are determined to stay neutral in the conflict tearing the country apart.
This is a platoon of the Flegg Fencibles, raised from the area covered by the Blofield & Flegg District Council. Some of their number are WW1 veterans. The majority are new recruits who've never seen war, eager to do their bit.

They are organized simply in four sections of ten, with a three-man platoon command. They wear a mixture of civilian and military clothing, with equipment derived either from the member's service in WW1, or gear issued to a Territorial Army soldier or Yeoman, who has decided to defend his home instead of the bullying government of some upstart monarch. 

Weaponry consists of Lee-Enfield rifles and shotguns, with the odd pistol for officer and NCOs. They lack LMGs and support weapons, but hope to acquire these soon. 

Their standard is based in part upon an Elizabethan-era flag, with the "F F" for Flegg Fencibles picked out in gold by doting womenfolk.

Again, all figures are Pendraken Miniatures from their Interwar AVBCW range. I hope to add cavalry, support weapons and an armored vehicle for each side in the fullness of time as funds permit. In the meantime I'm steadily working on making scenery for this scale. One thing I will add sometime is a railway track, N-gauge being appropriate for this scale.

All being well I'll resume the Raid on the Tembe mini-campaign some time next week. The next cards have been drawn, giving Captain Pike the services of a local guide to the next way point - the Rev. Jenkin's Mission.   

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