Sunday, May 6, 2012

Askari recruits

My wife and I are just back from a rather stressful week, ensuring her mother moved into assisted living accommodation where she can be looked after around the clock. Such is her illness and the stage she's reached, it needed to be done, and to give my mother-in-law her due, she decided off her own bat it was time to make such a move. Packing up her life into a few boxes was quite a poignant moment, and both my wife and I feel exhausted by it all.

Finding my new order of Colonial askaris in the mailbox when we arrived home lightened some of the stress. These stalwart chaps are shown below, prior to de-flashing and washing.

They're Wargames Foundry, and I got them for a song on eBay where they were advertised as German schutztruppen. One had a malformed bayonet, which needed amputation. Another is wearing shorts and has a "sailor's collar." It doesn't match the others, who are barefoot and wear jackets and long trousers. I suspect I'll take him out of the lineup and make him into a mercenary askari, or a hired guide.

I'll paint them up sometime this coming week, once I've decided on a suitable color scheme. After that, I hope to find enough free time to get them into play in the Raid on the Tembe scenario. 


Peter Ball said...

Unpleasant situation, that. We had to put my Oma into a home a few years back, and she was not at all enamoured of the idea. But she eventually settled in. I quite appreciate your mixed feelings. Huzzah for wee lead models, eh?

A J said...

Yes, it is unpleasant. We did at least manage to make the move for her and retain her dignity. The main thing is now mom-in-law is being looked after 24/7.

The askaris are washed and dried, and are going on the painting block today. =)


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