Saturday, March 24, 2012

A whole lot of nothing going on

Says it all, really. I've been busy with looking after mom-in-law, but should pick up the modelling and gaming reins again next week. I aim to finish off the steamboat upgrade for one thing. 

As usual, I've been browsing the 'net between times, looking at all the excellent blogs and figure manufacturers out there. A Very British Civil War continues to tempt me, especially after viewing the superb Musketeer Miniatures Interwar range, and those of Muttonchop Miniatures. Even so, my willpower has triumphed, and I shall continue with building up my Daftest Africa forces. AVBCW will have to wait for another time!

The decision was helped a great deal when I came across Perry Miniatures' Bazingers in their Sudan range during a search for askari figures. I aim to form an auxiliary unit for the British in Ukraziland, and these Perry figures look perfect for the job. They're dynamically posed and full of character, which I look for in skirmish-level figures. Other askari miniatures have bolt-action rifles or are incompatible scale-wise to my other figures. I will need to find a British NCO to lead them, but it shouldn't be a problem. 

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