Sunday, February 26, 2012


Now my camera has fresh batteries to eat, I've finally managed to take some photos of the new models for my upcoming GASLIGHT game.

Below we have the Spottiswode-Gallant Steam Exploration Vehicle Mk. II, the big brother of the smaller, earlier version. With tracks instead of wheels, it can travel over more difficult terrain, although at a slower speed. Instead of a MG, the Mk. II carries a short-barreled 3-inch gun. The weapon's limited traverse and elevation are more than compensated for by the ability to fire canister rounds. Light armor provides protection from most small arms fire.   

Merchants on a mission. Willoughby Pond & companions seek out new markets to conquer.

A generous space is provided on the rear deck for all kinds of equipment and merchandise. The boiler is operated by just one stoker using a semi-automatic fuel feeder system.

Below we have an enemy's eye view of an African witchdoctor's response to intruders. Magically animated from fallen trees and logs, these golems are twice the height of a man, preternaturally strong, and extremely difficult to destroy. Even fire takes a while to affect them. The sight of them stumping over a hill, monstrous arms swinging with intent, is enough to quell the ardor of any warrior - or Soldier of the Queen!  

Something Weird this way comes. African golems in action.

The exploration vehicle is mostly built of card on a foamcore hull, with Hirst Arts pipework and crates, painted with acrylics and finished with a coat of Future/Klear. The golems are short lengths of thick twigs, split and glued to form arms and legs, and darkened with a coat of India Ink thinned with surgical spirit. Other details painted on, although the marking came out more native American than African. Oh well...

Hopefully, these will be in action next weekend.


Fitz-Badger said...

The Spottiswode-Gallant Steam Exploration Vehicle Mk II looks great! And the African witch doctor's wood golems are a cool and appropriate reaction.

Colonel O'Truth said...

Tremendous stuff, Old Boy! Rivets galore and a jolly big gun to boot!

Keep it up and toodley pip!

Martin said...

Forward The Termite Brigade!

A J said...

Thanks, gentlemen! One can never have too many rivets. =)

"Forward the Termite Brigade!
Was there a golem dismayed?
Er, actually..." ;)

Jiminho said...

The Spottiswode-Gallant Works turn out some original and impressive vehicles, the Mk. II is no less charming than the Mk. 1. Love the stubby gun and that door handle is one that will NOT come off in your hand...




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