Thursday, December 29, 2011

Xmas recruits

A modest increase in my Darkest Africa collection arrived just after Xmas via eBay.

At the top we have a row of Wargames Foundry characters. Two are in uniform of some kind with fezes, one is an excellent ship/steamboat captain posed with a revolver concealed behind his back, one is a gentleman in a broad-brimmed hat, and finally we have two doughty and well-armed ladies. I can already picture several roles for them all.

In the row below them are Eureka Miniatures slave figures, four men and one woman. These will certainly play a part in the campaign to stamp out the iniquitous crime of slavery.

All have been deflashed, washed and rinsed, ready to be glued to the painting rods. The Eureka figures came without "slotta" bases, but since I don't like the things anyway, I'll make my own.

Next up is a progress shot of the Wargames Factory hard plastic Zulu figures. These stalwart chaps were also an eBay purchase (for $9.99 - bargain!) and have been a work in progress since before the holidays. At last they're all assembled and awaiting the next stage.

They come as a pack of thirty torsos, and a heap of extra limbs, heads and weaponry to achieve a goodly number of poses. They're relatively easy to assemble, and have great customizing potential. Several separate Martini-Henry rifles will definitely find use for British casualty figures. Their hard plastic will make it easy to glue to plasticard bases. At the moment I'm thinking in terms of mounting them in groups of three and four.

I did find it awkward to pose the arms holding muskets in anything like a realistic fashion. The thinking behind it is to represent warriors inexperienced in using firearms. Fair enough, but none of the left arms in the pack allow the musket to be held in a firing position without cutting and gluing. I'm also not keen on the gaps evident between neck/torso, and some of the arm/shoulder musculature. 

This batch will see some work with Milliput to make the warriors look somewhat like Hausa tribesmen. The musketmen will get semi-Westernized clothing, making them suitable for a tribal levy. 

All being well, I'll get them all painted within the next month, ready for adventure. Africa awaits...
* * *
There are only three days remaining to vote in the poll to decide the fate of Pvt. Hare, the man who ran for his life in the recent Battle of the Barracoon. Is he guilty as charged, or a victim of circumstances? Check out the poll to the left, and voice your decision!

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmpf, so far it looks like I'm the only "bloody minded" voter.

I'd not "reward" him with easy kitchen duty and then send him elsewhere . . . why before you know it others would want the same thing.

-- Jeff


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