Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Burn the Barracoon! - Premise

The next scenario for my Darkest Africa campaign is taking shape. I have a few days' worth of work and family matters to take care of before I can play it out, but that allows me time to plan things. The basic premise is as follows:-

Now the town of Yabhouti has been secured, the British force turns to the next item on the agenda – the destruction of the area's slave trade infrastructure. Nothing else will convey the message to the locals so clearly that the good old days are over.

The first target of this policy will be the demolition of the town's barracoon, the pen used to hold slaves ready for transportation to market. Located a few hundred yards from the town, the barracoon consists of an open-sided roofed structure fenced in by a log palisade, an adobe house used by the overseers, and a steam pump. This latter was the most effective means of drawing enough water for the numerous inmates held here at the height of the slave-raiding season. It's not known by what means the Sheik acquired this high-tech equipment, or from whom.      

Since the Sheik still has a number of loyalists in the area, it's felt advisable for a working party to be sent out under armed guard to effect the destruction of the barracoon. At the moment the projected force for the mission is scheduled to be two sections of infantry, with a contingent of local wangwana brought into British service. These latter will perform the work, serving the dual functions of keeping them out of mischief, and reinforcing the message that slavery is finished here.   

For the British to win, the wooden structures must be pulled down and/or burned, and the steam pump disabled by the removal of key components. The pump might be restored and put to use by the British at some later date.

The Sheik's loyalists must prevent this, scoring a notable victory if they also inflict significant casualties on the still meager British forces present in Yabhouti. 

A breakdown of forces involved and a map will follow soon. 

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