Monday, October 17, 2011

Platoon muster

After the victory in Yabhouti, the British strengthen their hold on the town. Baker platoon suffered casualties during the fighting, but replacements have arrived to take their place in the ranks.

Killed in action – Pvt. Thomas, George.
Wounded, invalided home – Pvt. O’Neill, Tobias: Pvt. Dennison, Lionel
Wounded, return to unit - L. Cpl. White, George: Pvt. Wilkinson, Alfred
Replacements - Pvt. Brooks, Malcolm: Pvt. Bishop, Harold: Pvt. Sullivan, Patrick.

The Barsetshires didn't suffer as high a butcher's bill as Colonel Trollope feared might occur. Although the muddle on the beach threatened to turn into a bloody massacre, it proved to be more of a bloody nuisance. The Tower and town of Yabhouti were taken, and that's all that matters.

Now plans are in hand to extend Britain's reach into the environs around the town and the hinterland beyond. Reconnaissance, survey and exploration parties must be sent out. There are nests of slavers to uncover and destroy. And somewhere over the horizon, the other Great Powers watch and wait in case the British Lion slips up. Interesting times lie ahead of the Barsetshire Boys...     


Martin said...

Hi A.J.!

That was a cracklin' little action. I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

Will Lt. Pike be promoted for his economical victory and gallantry? Will the replacements be welcomed by "the Old Sweats" or given the cold shoulder 'til they've proved themselves? Will Shoo-Bop Shoo-Bop Mybabi, King of the Ramalamadingdong Tribe, be roused to action by this incursion?

But outweighing all the above, will Sgt. Harrington be able to show his face again in the Sofar Safari Bar & Grill?

Anxiously awaiting the next installment!


A J said...

Hi Martin, I'm glad you like the reports. =) Lt. Pike and Sgt. Harrington might well be promoted for their efforts. There's rumor of a medal destined for Harrington for his part in securing the release of the trader, Willoughby Pond. As for Pond himself, who knows what plans that rogue has in store. ;)


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